Mri Scan Near Syracuse Ny From Cra Imaging

MRI utilizes the interaction between body tissues in a strong magnetic field with radio waves to image soft tissues without radiation. Devices called coils, which are sophisticated antennae, may be placed on or near your body for certain scans to improve the reception of the radio wave signal.

Because MRI must use a strong magnetic field, there are certain medical devices such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, and certain cerebral aneurysm clips that may interfere with or represent possible risk during a scan. Many metallic objects such as orthopedic hardware may interfere with scanning directly in the area they are placed but do not represent a safety hazard.

Our radiologists can consult with your referring physician in this regard. You will receive a questionnaire prior to any scanning as an additional safety precaution.

Some MRI scans include the injection of an intravenous contrast agent. These agents have an excellent safety track record. In certain patients with renal dysfunction the dose may be adjusted or the injection omitted.

MRI scanners make a variety of loud and repetitive tapping sounds as a normal part of their function. You will be provided with earplugs or, at some sites, may even have the option of audio or video during the exam. Our technicians are very experienced at helping patients complete their exams as comfortably and quickly as possible.

Most patients who are either severely claustrophobic or too large for a standard scan can be accommodated in an open magnet system. Open magnets can obtain most, but not all, types MRI of exams.

For patients who require it, breast MRI and MRI guided breast biopsy are available at the Crouse Hospital. CRA Medical Imaging performs more breast MRI and MRI breast biopsy than any site in Central New York.

MRA is a specific type of MRI imaging used to depict blood vessels. This is an excellent alternative to invasive blood vessel imaging procedures for many patients.

CRA Medical Imaging performs MRI/MRA scans as a member group of MDR, the largest provider of MRI/MRA services in Central New York.