Crouse Hospital

Phone: (315) 470-7551
736 Irving Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

Main Hospital
Hospital site services: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT (Computed Tomography), Interventional Radiology, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Density (DXA), MRI. This site has the only combination CT/SPECT system in the area. The unit combines certain nuclear medicine exams with a CT scan on the same unit for more precise localization of abnormalities than standard SPECT nuclear exams.

Crouse Imaging Center (CIC) & Dr. Hadley J. Falk Breast Health Center
CIC site services: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT (Computed Tomography), 3D Digital Mammography, Bone Density (DXA). Breast cases involving MRI will be completed in the adjacent POB or hospital MR scanners. MDR and its member radiologists have performed more breast MRI and MRI guided breast procedures at these sites than any other MRI site in Central New York.

Crouse Physicians Office Building (POB)
Crouse POB site services: MRI. Full service MRI scanning including brain and body MRA and breast MRI.